System Accessories

Pallet Dispenser

Pallet dispenser is used to supply empty pallet to palletizer, production line automatically. It will separate a pallet from the stacked pallet each time. The pallet dispenser can be custom design according to customer’s pallet size and is easy for loading /unloading by forklift.


  • To supply empty pallet for next process
  • Pallet handling system, palletizing system, etc


Diverter design is a very useful solution when come to production or assembly line. We use it to divert the product to another line automatically, if there is a height difference between two lines, we will add-in the pop-up device feature to divert the product effectively. Pop-up device for diverter can be motorized or pneumatic types, depends on the product load and application.


  • To divert product or pallet to another line disregard the height difference
  • To divert product without stopping, e.g. roller diverter
  • Pallet handling system, production & assembly line, packaging line

Turn Table

It is used to rotate or turn the product to the required orientation in various application needs. Consists of motorized turning and pneumatic type turning designs and they are selected based on customer products loads and capacity.


  • To correct the product orientation before next process, such as laser printing, palletizing, packing and so on.
  • Assembly line, pallet handling system, material handling system