We offer variety of pusher designs to meet different application and customer requirement. Pusher is an ideal solution to be installed on conveyor in a limited space situation. Pusher is able to push the rejected product out easily without stopping, hence is suitable in sorting system or high capacity system flow.


  • To divert the product to others line
  • Suitable to use when space is limited to install conventional diverter

Product Pushers are used to push product perpendicularly from one conveyor traffic lane to another traveling in the same or the opposite direction, into or out of operator workstations or off of the conveyor system completely. They are used in conjunction with sensors and product stoppers for required traffic control.

Pushers are another method of product transfer, best suited to cartons and products with solid sides and a low centre of gravity. Various designs exist to serve a wide range of applications. Pushers can be mounted on the top, side, or bottom of conveyor frames depending on the applications. Pushers offer very fast cycle rates and can be designed to take heavy side loads. The pusher actuation method provided can be either motor driven or via pneumatic cylinder. They are generally a cheaper, but a somehow limited, alternative to a 90° transfer. Pushers can cause belt tracking issues hence unsuitable for flat belt conveyors diversion design.