Traffic Cop

Traffic cop is a mechanism which is able to control the traffic of the products especially during the merging of product from sub line to the main line. It is able to prevent the products from sub line to collide with product on main line during merging.


  • To control product merging system flow manually without electrical controls.
  • Ideal for material handling system such as boxes, cases, bags etc

Conveyor traffic cop is a mechanism that prevents the collision of items from two conveyor lines as they merge together to a single line at the same time, eliminating product jams. This is also eliminates the damage and disrupt the product flows. It works with the two conveyors that control the flow of the items. The traffic cop is essential equipment in any production area. It serves as the overall manager and regulator of an area.

The effectiveness of the traffic cop is independent from the electrical control that is incorporated in it. Traffic cops control merges allowing first carton striking an arm to pass. This action automatically locks the other arm in place until the first carton clears the arm. If the design is well planned, it is sure that the process within the area will flow continuously. The conveyor traffic cop is a very helpful and is an essential part of the conveyor belt design that is implemented in a workplace.  It makes the workload of the employees less tasking and less complicated. It ensures the flow of the production with problem less.