Stopper plays an important role in system flow control. It controls the traffic of the products, guarantee smooth system flow by releasing product according to the situation. Stopper is widely use in various applications and products such as cans, bags, boxes, pallet and so on.


  • To control traffic of the products
  • Material handling system, assembly line, etc

Stoppers are an essential component for conveyor systems utilizing accumulation, merging or transfer automation. They are designed to withstand high lateral forces therefore capable of halting work pieces and goods or work holding fixtures, such as pallets, for loading or unloading in conveyor systems. The common variants of stopper will cater for most applications and product types. They are usually made up by using pneumatic cylinder, however customized design are also available.

Stoppers have the ability to rise above the conveyor surface to stop product, but then move downward below the conveyor surface when not in use. They can be used for cases and cartons, and also can be used in heavy duty pallet handling due to their rugged design.  Stoppers are used in combination with roller brake to singulate product. These combinations are typically used in material handling applications where several containers, pallets, cartons are cued up. For free flow assembly line application, stopper is used to hold product in position for operator while work is being performed, and allow operator to release product once completed. Stopper is a simple design, few moving parts and virtually no maintenance required make it a commonly use design in various industries.