Up Turn Table

Up turn table is use to change direction and orientation of the product or pallet before it is send to next step.  Besides, the up free turn table design is used in assembly line to assist operator to turn the product easily for inspection purpose. Differs from turn table or diverter, up turn table has not include conveyor mounted on top for product transfer purpose.


  • Turn the pallet or product to correct orientation
  • Allow to turn the product easily for inspection purpose
  • Assembly line, pallet transfer system, etc

Up turn table, or know as lift-and-rotate devices are used to change the orientation of products on roller conveyor, chain conveyor, etc. The up turn table is an essential accessory as it corrects the products orientation for further process such as laser printing; barcode application to the products; profile check for the pallets; RFID & barcode scanning, and so on. Normally, the up turn table rests just below the roller surface in a conveyor surface hole until we activated it. The product or pallet is conveyed and position over the up turn table, then up turn table is lifts the product above the roller surface and rotating it to the desired orientation. The up turn table then lowers the product to the conveyor surface and the product is conveyed in its new orientation.

The rotating method can be motor driven or by pneumatic turning cylinder, depends on capacity and weight of the loads. The speed of rotation be adjusted by using frequency inverter for motor driven method, or by using air speed controller for pneumatic cylinder method.