Turn Table

It is used to rotate or turn the product to the required orientation in various application needs. Consists of motorized turning and pneumatic type turning designs and they are selected based on customer products loads and capacity.


  • To correct the product orientation before next process, such as laser printing, palletizing, packing and so on.
  • Assembly line, pallet handling system, material handling system

We offer various types of turntable for materials handling applications in warehouses and various industries use. It can be used for product sortation, accumulation as well as directional changes.
It is also a great solution for directional change on a conveyor line in tight space. Turntable is part of our standard range of system accessory which allows transporting of various products, such as boxes, cartons, pallets, etc. We do have motor driven and pneumatic type turn table to suit different applications, mainly based on capacity, load requirements and service factor.

Industries that will be well served by this equipment range from packaging, manufacturing and food production though to general materials handling and transport. Various configurations of conveyors, such as roller conveyor, chain conveyor, can be fitted along with the turntable to execute the required function. On tops of the turntable can be fitted with roller conveyor, belt conveyor or chain conveyor to suit different applications and requirements and this bring ergonomic to operator.