Pallet Dispenser

Pallet dispenser is used to supply empty pallet to palletizer, production line automatically. It will separate a pallet from the stacked pallet each time. The pallet dispenser can be custom design according to customer’s pallet size and is easy for loading /unloading by forklift.


  • To supply empty pallet for next process
  • Pallet handling system, palletizing system, etc

Although pallet dispensers can be used as stand-alone devices, but they are more commonly integrated into an automation system line. Other devices such as in-feed conveyor, out-feed conveyor and palletizers are usually combined to make a complete palletizing system. Our ability to integrate all of the various parts to work harmoniously is essential for such a system.

Pallet dispenser automatically dispenses and accumulates most styles of wood, plastic, and metal pallets at ground level quickly and efficiently while avoiding employee injury. This piece of pallet handling equipment is designed to dispense single pallets from a stack, onto chain or roller conveyor, into a palletizer or other type of system. This style utilizes a scissor lift and pneumatic pallet tab assemblies to lift and suspend the pallet stack and an integral chain conveyor to discharge the pallet to the desired location, as this eliminates the need for a forklift or operator for such manner. Pallet dispenser able to interface with existing equipment easily and it is essential for applications such as warehousing, palletizing, AGV system, ASRS system, etc.