Diverter design is a very useful solution when come to production or assembly line. We use it to divert the product to another line automatically, if there is a height difference between two lines, we will add-in the pop-up device feature to divert the product effectively. Pop-up device for diverter can be motorized or pneumatic types, depends on the product load and application.


  • To divert product or pallet to another line disregard the height difference
  • To divert product without stopping, e.g. roller diverter
  • Pallet handling system, production & assembly line, packaging line

Diverters are needed when products need to transferred to other machinery or conveyors within a conveyor system. We designed and offer few types of diverter such as roller sorter, arm sorter, pop-up conveyor transfer, to divert product to another conveyor line. They are suitable for transferring pallets, boxes or any other product with a sturdy conveying surface.

Diverter can be manufactured by using various designs depending on the product that must be transferred. Transfer conveyor can be designed for any type of conveyor including roller conveyor, belt conveyor, turn table and others depends on customer applications. Our pop-up conveyor transfer diverter is designed to lifts products vertically above the bed of the feeding conveyor, and then conveys them 90° to an adjoining conveyor. Lifting can be either made up by hydraulic lifter or by using pneumatic cylinder. Arm sorter and roller sorter are used for applications which no need to stop the products, they offers positive, medium-rate products sorting and diversion depending on conveyor speed and carton size.