Horizontal Transfer System

Overhead Conveyor

Overhead conveyor is an application which wisely uses space on top to transfer products, while this will keeps the floor area clear. Overhead conveyor design can be very flexible, it can be design in inclined or decline way to convey the product to the desired location.


  • Great for multiple vertical product entry and exit points
  • Painting
  • Washing & drying
  • Automotive

Tabletop Chain Conveyor

Tabletop chain conveyors are ideal solution for application which requires low noise, low friction and cleanliness, for example clean rooms application, can and bottle filling line, and so on. Tabletop chain conveyors are capable of both horizontal and vertical bends within one chain design.


  • Beverage & Pharmaceutical
  • Wash down application
  • Open type design allowing crumbs and debris to fall through
  • Used as buffer conveyor for bottles, cans, with low friction.

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is widely use for many kinds of application, horizontal, incline, decline, and gapping applications. Commonly, it is an economical application and method to convey most of the type of objects and maintain separation between the products.


  • Economical way for product transportation.
  • Pusher type sorters can install on top of belt
  • Cylinder type ejector can install on top of belt
  • Used as assembly line
  • As gapping conveyor to separate products before scanners, weighing scales , metal detector and so on.

Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor Roller conveyor is a type of conveyor application ideal for general transport of product typically in a horizontal fashion. One of these conveyor features is it allows cartons, boxes or object to slip across the rollers to merge into the conveyor lane.


  • Transportation of items in a horizontal fashion.
  • Product merging.
  • Curves conveying design.
  • Allow a 90 Degree chain up-table or belt transfers locate within the roller conveyor according to material handling needs.