Tabletop Chain Conveyor

Tabletop chain conveyors are ideal solution for application which requires low noise, low friction and cleanliness, for example clean rooms application, can and bottle filling line, and so on. Tabletop chain conveyors are capable of both horizontal and vertical bends within one chain design.


  • Beverage & Pharmaceutical
  • Wash down application
  • Open type design allowing crumbs and debris to fall through
  • Used as buffer conveyor for bottles, cans, with low friction.

Tabletop chain conveyor is always been considered a bottling conveyor, but many different industries have begun to discover the advantages that this type of conveyor can provide. Tabletop chain conveyors are intended for material handling applications where there is no requirement for pallets and part-on-part impingement is allowed.

The tabletop chain is a type of roller-less and zero accumulation pressure design and is to transport and accumulate cans, bottles. This conveyor provides smooth and gentle positive transportation of product and accumulates product with limited back pressure build-up. The roller-less design is an important design in eliminating damage to product. The features of tabletop chain conveyor: low friction; resistance to high or low temperature; moisture, oil, chemical, cut and wear resistance; make itself a preferable design in various applications. To suit customer various requirements, we offer the curve design in 30°, 45°, and 90°; several chain types to suit customer application; motor drive with variable speed control.