Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is widely use for many kinds of application, horizontal, incline, decline, and gapping applications. Commonly, it is an economical application and method to convey most of the type of objects and maintain separation between the products.


  • Economical way for product transportation.
  • Pusher type sorters can install on top of belt
  • Cylinder type ejector can install on top of belt
  • Used as assembly line
  • As gapping conveyor to separate products before scanners, weighing scales , metal detector and so on.

Belt conveyor often plays a large part in most manufacturing and distribution operations. Belt conveyor is typically used for the following application: inclines and declines of products, product that cannot be conveyed by rollers, use roller type sorters, separate and create gap between products, and general transport to maintain product separation.  When selecting belt conveyor, three general things are considered: the characteristics of the product being handled, environmental conditions, and the operations to be performed.

Other than conventional flat long belt conveyor, belt curve conveyors are used to maintain gaps and orientation of products when they are passing around the curves. With belt curves, we can make sure the gap is maintains between products, hence will not affect the system to achieve correct sortation. Another special type of belt conveyor is plastic belt conveyor. Plastic belt conveyor is suitable for applications which require low friction on products, besides it offers cleanliness, and low maintenance.