Free Flow Conveyor

Free flow conveyor is the solution for assembly lines. The conveyor design allows all pallets in line to move forward together and can be separate by using stopper. Customer could determine number of station and location in flexible way. Custom designs such as cylinder type lifter, pop-up table, up free turn table are the solutions which customer needs to carry out various jobs.


  • Assembly and production line
  • Inspection station
  • Buffer station for pallet

Free flow consists of chain with plastic rollers to carry the products on suitable pallets, which can be stopped at assembly stations, wherein the assembly and testing operation is carried without stopping the conveyor. From this, we assure high productivity as the operator concentrates purely on the assembly work and not on material flow. We ease process integration by providing electrical busbar system which can be mounted at any location along the assembly line for testing.

The modular design free flow conveyors are offer great flexibility where it can be easily modified for additional workstation, relocated equipment, insert stopper for pallet buffering control, etc. Free flow chains which equipped with rollers are used to eliminate the possibility of damaging conveyed objects. We provide other side design and accessories such as, stoppers; pop-up units; cylinder type lifter; transfer car, and so on to suit the assembly line application needs.