Traverser is a high speed transfer vehicle that move product between various stations. It can pick and drop products to numerous stations automatically. We would custom design the traverser, which means higher load capacities are also available.


  • To pick & drop product from/top different stations automatically.
  • Packaging lines. Automatic warehousing system, etc

Transfers cars are used to transport product via a floor mounted track that guides car mounted casters in a straight line between several positions. Transfer cars are often in a lot of lean manufacturing operations and provide an efficient way to move pallets and larger products eliminating the need for fork trucks and other pallet movers. Transfer cars generally have a roller conveyor mounted on top to interact with stationary conveyors the car meets up with.

Traverser is suitable for short or long distance moves, it eliminate long runs of conveyor to save floor space and the need for fork trucks. Its ability to handle up to two loads quickly and efficiently move products to multiple locations offer more flexibility than having fixed conveyor. With the ability to fit into tight areas and to easily adapt to future change, traverser is an efficient, dependable, and versatile material handling solution. We offer the custom design of the traverser built to customers dimension and accessories such as roller conveyor, turn table and others can be mounted to the top of the transfer for more specific applications.