Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor Roller conveyor is a type of conveyor application ideal for general transport of product typically in a horizontal fashion. One of these conveyor features is it allows cartons, boxes or object to slip across the rollers to merge into the conveyor lane.


  • Transportation of items in a horizontal fashion.
  • Product merging.
  • Curves conveying design.
  • Allow a 90 Degree chain up-table or belt transfers locate within the roller conveyor according to material handling needs.

Roller Conveyor is used primarily for applications where diverting or conveying of boxes is necessary. Roller conveyor can be driven by a belt or a chain. It is possible to stop or hold a box momentarily. Because products slide laterally over rollers, roller conveyor is best when a diverter is used.

Roller conveyor is ideal for transferring or deflecting boxes onto or off a conveyor line and is often used for merging of products into lanes. However it is not ideal for product with soft or irregular bottoms such as bag, gloves, etc. Curves design roller conveyor is available by using v-belts to driven the roller.

Chain driven roller conveyor is best suited for applications where belt driven roller conveyor would not be suitable due to the environmental conditions. Examples include manufacturing processes where parts may be oily, this could cause the belts are slipped and unable to drive the rollers.