Slat Conveyor

Slat conveyor can be used to convey hot, oily parts or to move items through heat drying processes. It can also be used for assembly line and production operations. Slat conveyors can be custom-made for the moving platform to be built into the floor or onto a higher bench.


  • To move hot and oily parts and products
  • Manufacturing & automotive industry

Slat Conveyor is a chain driven, zero pressure accumulation conveyor for heavy duty operation. It is another type of chain conveyor which uses many types of interleaving segments to form a slat type chain of either synthetic polymer or stainless steel construction, in either low friction or friction grip styles.

Slat conveyor is often used to convey heavy loads, hot, oily parts or items through a heat drying process. It is also ideal for assembly line, production operations and heavy loads application that might damage the belt. Besides, it is suitable for harsh and wet environments applications. Our slat conveyors are designed and developed using modular components to ensure durable performance at client's end. By using rugged material are ensures its durable performance even at high temperatures. Besides, these are used where the products have to be turn to different direction for transportation.