Chain Conveyor

Chain driven conveyor is the solution to driven heavy load product such as pallet, drums, etc. We custom design the chain conveyor to meet various sizes of pallets and products. Chain driven conveyor makes it ideal for conveying oily parts in various industries.


  • Pallet handling (wood, plastic. metal)
  • Convey heavy, oily or greasy products.

Many industry sectors use chain conveyor technology in their production lines, especially conveying heavy load products. They are often used in conjunction with roller conveyors, handling cartons, bins, drums, pallets, etc. A chain conveyor provides good positive drive and is an economical form of transportation of goods.  It conveys pallets and loads that are not conveyable on roller conveyor.

Chain Conveyor has a robust design for heavy duty applications such as handling extremely heavy loads, besides it also applicable for pallets with bottom perpendicular to travel. Besides, it also handle a variety of pallet style, both singularly and stacked as well as cases and boxes. The type of chain which we will use in our design will vary based on load weight and application. Chain conveyor is better in irregular or damaged pallets handling. Pallet check profile could be easily introduced into the conveyor to find out any damage pallet. At last, chain conveyor is a simple design which is cost effective, reduced maintenance and parts replacement.