Waste & Recycle Industry

We offer a range of conveyor for recycling industry solutions that enjoy a well-deserved reputation for durability and robustness, with outstanding load carrying capability and resistance to the elements.  We know the technical requirements of this application and can design an appropriately scaled system to suit your current and future needs.

We always seeks to understand customer requirement and specifications to create total control, efficient engineering solutions for standard and customized industrial requirements in waste and recycling process industry. Recycling industry involves processing used materials into new products in order to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from land-filling) by reducing the need for general waste disposal.

Recyclable materials include many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, electronics, solid waste, and they will be segregated accordingly at first stage. Materials to be recycled are either brought to a collection center or picked up from the curbside, then sorted, cleaned, and reprocessed into new materials bound for manufacturing. Besides, wastes will be sending through few processes, drying, segregation, shredding and filtering. Conveyor system will play the main part in conveying of all waste to run across different processes. Our conveyors are designed to be heavy duty, anti-corrosion, and durable.

We know the technical requirements of our customer’s application and can design an appropriately scaled system to suit their current and future needs. Solutions we have provided to the recycling and solid waste industries include trommel for first phase segregation; power deflector roller for bottle and cans rejection; magnetic separator for metallic materials; shredder to shred large solid waste, belt weigher to measure the input capacity of garbage, and so on. We do propose the system flows, to consult, to plan and to supply equipment such as shredder, magnetic separator and so on. In the end, we would provide solutions to whole process which will guide customer to achieve their aims and lead in cost saving and environmental friendly conveyor system designs.