Drum Handling & Transfer System

We offer a range of drum handling & transfer system for drum handling industrial use. Besides, we provide a range of drum handling conveyors for the moving of all sizes of drums, or oil cans, or chemical drums whether during empty drum buffer storage prior to filling, or through filling machines to drum filling or pallet loading.

We have many years of experience in implementing material handling systems successfully. Our overall system perspective ensures that every system we implement is seamlessly integrated, combining equipment, software and people for greater operations efficiency.

With the drum handling experience we gained, we have the ability to provide all services required to get customer project off the ground, meet their requirement and to solve their problems. The system offers convenience to customer to move heavy steel drums efficiently and effectively in reducing the risk of tipping or spill-over, and it gives the ability to transport and relocate drums with minimal effort.

The drum handling and transfer system we provide include the equipment to lift, move, weight drums, diversion, merging and so on. The drum stopper; is a locking mechanism which able to engage at both left and right side of the drum, to control the flow of drums. The drag chain conveyor comes with cross chains, in purpose to provide stability while transporting. We ensure the system we design is handling customer drums, tanks and barrels safely and effectively.