Assembly Line

We capable to offer, to design and to fabricate variety of proven design and essential accessories for use in today’s assembly lines applications. Conveyor and accessories such as free flow conveyor, busbar system, pop-up belt transfer, pop-up chain transfer, up free turn, strapping machine, wrapping machines, and more provide solutions to different applications need. 

We have the capabilities in the manufacturing industry as since we have experiences and complete a lot of task and we not only does design and implement material handling systems, but we also provide custom design to suit customer needs. We can help address the challenges that customer facing, such as to design new facilities to improving existing operations hence to improve the productivity.

From material preparation stage, we provide designs for loading stations, high-speed traverser, in-feed conveyor, etc. Then at assembly stage, we provide working stations on free flow conveyor equipped with pneumatic air for tooling (air-gun, screws driver, etc), turn table, up-table, gripper device etc. At last at product packing stage, we provide the final touch control such as gantry to place cover on box, wrapping service, pallet profile check, to sort and palletize automatically.

Besides, upon requirement we have design the assembly line to consist numbers of testing stations to carry various testing and analysis to the product before shipping. To meet various product testing procedure needs, such as high voltage test, on-off test, vision test, noise test and so on, we do several custom design to meet customer needs. We place busbar on bottom of the pallet along the conveyor to provide power to the product for testing purpose; we modify our system electrical power supply method to provide several type of power for product with different input voltage; we built a partition with auto gate to insulate all noise in order to carry out ideal noise test, we provide module to do products voltage and current consumption check, and so on. We always aim to have close discussion with customer, to understand their needs, to plan and to design with believe of satisfying customer requirement.