Can Making Industry

Years of experience with proven products in can making industry, have gained us confident in providing the efficient conveyor solutions to our customer. We have a broad range of conveyor products to suit different requirements, from aluminum slice seaming process, to flanging machine, to beading station, and to palletizing systems. We are capable to meet your system flow needs.

As a systems integrator, we are often commissioned by our customers to assist them in maximizing their manufacturing capabilities. From the assembly process to the packaging, we can assist our customer in meeting their needs and requirements. Material handing is a crucial component of today’s manufacturing process and we have the experience and industry leading capabilities to deliver a cans handling solution to help in maximizing the manufacturing efficiencies.

We supply a comprehensive range of conveyor solutions design and accessories for can making industry such as, turn wheel, single chain transfer conveyor, magnetic elevator & lowerator, plastic belt conveyor, and others are all play important roles in can making industry. Other than stated standard design conveyor above, we also included custom design and fabrication for can making industry accessories too such as, custom made mesh to in-feeding product into machine; star wheel stopper to control tin or cans system flows; double round belt to handle can ends transfer, etc and they are all proven products in this industry for years. Our goal and commitment is to help our customers strategize and plan a material handling process for can making industry application. We are always developing a solution that will help optimize the efficiency of can making process.