Automotive Industry

We have years of experience in automotive industry and is positioned to help you excel.  We do system design and experience both in the manufacturing sector and the distribution sector.  From automated assembly line operations, to packaging line operations, we have the proven solution to help you with your most challenging issues.

The automotive industry is one that demands a consistent and reliable material handling system.  We have years of experience in this industry and is positioned to help you excel. We are knowledge both in the manufacturing sector and the distribution sector of the automotive industry, whether is looking to convey, accumulate, or automate a line for machined parts, we have the proven solution.

We have established a foundation of installed conveyor systems tough enough to withstand the demand of the automotive environment yet gentle enough to decrease product damage. In order to fulfill different demand and application from the automotive industry, a number of material handling applications have introduced to carry out various tasks such as:

  • Overhead conveyor (to move vehicle to different assembly, checking and installation process)
  • Transfer shuttle car (to send work piece to different location in high speed demands)
  • Lifter (to move work piece between multi levels according to process flow)
  • Servo motorized device (to use in high precision application such as positioning, loading, unloading, and so on)

We do provide the following best of variety system accessories which assists customer to perform the job effectively and cost saving: pallet/tire stackers and de-stackers; high speed magnetic belt conveyors; continuous lifter (Z-type, C-Type, E-Type); explosion Proof applications; all kinds of conveyor and so on. We look at each application and work to develop the solution that best meets the challenge, to deliver cost effective conveyor solutions on time, and guarantee the functionality of our equipments.