Vertilator is refers to continuous transfer design vertical lifter. This type of lifter capable to save up product transfer time and it is best suit to high capacity material handling system. Vertilator consists of different transfer fashion and vertilator platform can be custom design to suit customer system flow and requirement.


  • High capacity material handling system between different levels
  • Assembling and packaging line

Vertilator refers continuous type vertical transfer lifter. It is much faster than conventional vertical transfer lifter system, further more it saves lot of the floor space & give higher performance ratio. Its economical  modular design is capable of handling the high cycle rates of day in and out usage.

Continuous lifter is designed to convey products vertically upward or downwards continuously. Cartons, bags, and many other types of unpackaged products can easily be conveyed without the problems associated with other vertical lifting systems. The vertilator design we offer include extensive safety guards and available with infeed and discharge conveyor. Various model sizes of vertilator are available to match the size of products, to suit customer needs and applications. The lifter design is very flexible which allow few types of conveying design, such as Z, C, E, L type and so on.