Lifting & Tilting Device

Lifting and tilting device is to lift, move, rotate and tilt product. This assists operator to carry out their job easily and able to reduce the total human power needs to perform the jobs.


  • To lift and tilt heavy product such as large water container, etc.
  • Product is lifted up to assists in better product inspection check.

Lifting and tilting devices are ideal for product handling and lifting heavy loads. It is designed to assists customer in lifting the heavy boxes, liquid containers easily. It can be used alone, or in combination with conveyor to provide total flexibility for handling unstable loads and transfer of materials.

It is designed to allow loads to be tilted gradually and it is operate fully automatically. This offers a safe controlled tilt of heavy loads, such as to tilt containers of liquid towards outlet drain. Lifting & tilting devices are designed to provide ergonomic solution to reducing work place injuries and fatigue while improving productivity and safety. It eliminates much of the bending, reaching, stretching and other body contortions that are common in work positioning and assembly applications. Lifting and tilting device is utilized for applications such as machine feeding, work positioning, etc.