Magnetic Elevator / Lowerator

Magnetic elevator & lowerator are the ideal solution to move metal and aluminum products in various kind of system flow design. Metal and aluminum products can be move between machine to machine disregarding the height effectively.


  • Convey metal and aluminum products easily
  • Metal & aluminum product manufacturing industry

We offer magnetic elevator and lowerator, and they are designed for application needs to hold and move ferrous parts, metallic and aluminum products, to raise or lower the level of a conveyor line to facilitate traffic within the system.  Besides, they are ideal for elevation changes or part holding, can be used in upside down applications. Magnetic elevator and lowerator are designed by placing permanent magnets beneath the belt conveyor. The power of the magnet will depend on the size and weight of the products.

Magnetic conveyor is designed for moving ironic / metallic materials such as cans, can ends, metal plates, etc and is an effective solution for iron & steel machining industries. Every magnetic conveyer is engineered to the exact needs of the customer’s products. Ceramic magnets that are precision placed according to the products requirements create the perfect magnetic holding power. We design and calculate the strength and size of magnetic field per customer requirement & application.