Autolator refers to conventional vertical transfer lifter, which is designed to move product between two or more levels automatically without human intervention.  Vertical lifter features a counterweighted lifting mechanism for smooth, quiet, operation. It is ideal for high speed applications that require light duty lifting of boxes, cartons, packages, totes, containers, or cases. We offer motorized & pneumatic type lifters to suit different applications.

Autolator is designed ideal for multiple infeed and discharge elevations application. It offers compact design which save up floor space. Its powered driven conveyor inside the carriage allows for ease in production flow. Autolator features with speed control which able to increase lifter cycle time. The safety detection and features, such as torque limiter, photo-sensor locate at entrance and exit of the lifter, safety cover, etc are integrated to ensure the safety of handling. We have custom design the lifter to suit customer need, such as transfer four pallets together at the same time, which greatly improved the productivity.